The Science and Philosophy of Complexity

Welcome to, a repository of the ideas and perspectives of Aaron Bramson regarding the science, engineering, and philosophy of complexity. In addition to the blog itself, I have included several resources that may be helpful to those interested in complex systems and agent-based modeling. The menubar on the left links to several of the most frequently used resources as well as to pages with the exhaustive lists. This is a work in progress with tons of new material under preparation, once I find the time. And I also graciously accept recommendations for additions.

Read research blog posts.

The blog includes categorized brainstorms on various topics including the engineering of adaptive systems, project ideas, thoughts on the development of complex systems as a field, techniques for agent-based modeling, and future research.

Learn about agent-based modeling.

If you are interested in learning how to build agent-based models, or just in learning more about them, then this is the place for you. I have taught dozens of workshops on agent-based modeling and this section is where you will find material I have put together for that purpose. It is sparse now, but soon it will include: slides from workshops, links to video workshops, papers on methodology, exercises to improve your own skills, and places you can go to learn more.

Browse additional complexity resources.

In addition to learning about my ongoing research and agent-based modeling, I've included additional material here that you may find interesting. This includes recommended reading, links to other complexity resources, and a glossary of terms that often come up in the complexity literature (including my blog posts). These will all be expanded, and I also plan to add a gallery of fascinating complexity-based images and art projects.

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