I've been away for a while. Not on vacation or sabbatical, but just diverted into research too far from complexity science to make it here. But now I've completed the required coursework for my PhD at the University of Michigan (which sadly has little to do with complexity) and can get back to doing real work. In the near term a large part of that is completing my work on tipping points, path sensitivity, and robustness; this is a colossal methodology project combining techniques from Markov Theory, Network Theory, Graph Theory, Statistics, Quantum Physics, Dynamical Systems, and others. Fun Stuff.

I am also preparing other smaller papers for conferences and publication. Many of these are "pure" philosophy and only related to complexity science as much as they are related to anything else...philosophy is the foundation of everything. I'll probably still post these philosophical ideas here since this is my research blog and I don't feel motivated to start a separate philosophy blog. I'll also continue to pursue new and totally different research avenues and keep pushing the envelope of complexity (and disparage the large amount of research that continues to produce lackluster science under the complexity name).

My buddy and co-blogger Ken Zick is moving along with his dissertation research which (again, sadly) is outside of the domain of complexity because the University of Michigan does not offer sufficient opportunities to officially pursue complex systems research. He has indicated that he won't be posting here much (if at all) for a while (if ever again). I may try again to recruit another (or some other) co-blogger but not right away. I am going to try to maintain a posting rate of at least one per week going forward. If I fall too far below that then I'll definitely be hunting for collaborators.

In addition to the blog, I've got more material to post: paper list (with summaries and reviews), expanded book list (with summaries and reviews), updated conferences, expanded glossary, and perhaps a forum. The forum is a response to several emails from people who wish to post comments on posts but can't. They can't because if I enable comment posting I get hundreds of spam comments every day. The forum would require people to register and get a username and password to login -- thus I don't have to worry about spam and can minimize moderation. Then visitors can discuss complexity issues here and respond to my posts in a dialog fashion. We'll see how difficult that is to setup and maintain.

So there it is. It's been quiet here for quite a while, but that was only a temporary problem. I'm back on track into complexity research and I'll keep you posted as I enter a new personal golden age. Naturally I am interested in any resources you can point me to or ideas to ruminate over. I'm trying to make the non-blog sections as full and helpful as possible and given the limits of time that will require your help. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something interesting here.