Netlogo is coming out with a new version 5.0. A fourth release candidate is already available for download. One of the best changes they've made is that transparency is now available in 3D! With this fact in mind I've revisited my 4.1 transparency code example and made some improvements. You can download the new Transparency Toolkit and easily incorporate translucent turtles and links into your models. (Note: the file is in version 4.1.3, but the transparency code works unchanged in 5.0 normal and 3D.)

The toolkit includes a model of circles randomly moving around and copying the color and transparency of a turtle on the same patch. It's very pretty, but that's not meant to model anything. It just gives you some examples of the transparency code in action. What you'll probably want to do is copy and paste the methods at the bottom of the page into your Code (procedures tab). Then you can use "set-transparency" to change the transparency of your turtles using a value from 0 to 1. 0 is totally opaque and 1 is completely clear. Transparency levels below 0 are set to 0, and above 1 are set to 1 (to avoid errors).

You can change the settings to create some very nice looking art-like creations. Here's one I've done.

There is more information in the Info tab and as comments in the code itself. Please test it out and let me know if you find any mistakes and/or things that can be usefully added or changed. Thanks.