Swarmfest 2012 will take place in Downtown Charlotte, N.C. July 29-31, 2012, hosted by the Complex Systems Institute at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. The deadline for abstract submissions has been extended (as usual) to July 11th and takes the form of a one-page .pdf file. Just email submissions to swarmfest2012@gmail.com For more info keep reading...

Swamfest is the annual meeting of the Swarm Development Group (SDG), and one of the oldest communities involved in the development and propagation of agent-based modeling. Swarmfest has traditionally involved a mix of both tool-users and tool-developers, drawn from many domains of expertise. These have included, in the past, computer scientists, software engineers, biomedical researchers, ecologists, economists, political scientists, social scientists, resource management specialists and evolutionary biologists. Swarmfest represents a low-key environment for researchers to explore new ideas and approaches, and benefit from a multi-disciplinary environment.

This year we will continue to examine the range of systems being modeled with ABM, with the possibility of providing some guidance as to the suitability of the various types of agent-based models for particular types of modeling goals. We also encourage the sharing of our experiences with attempting to gain acceptance of ABM within our own research communities, and discuss strategies where cross-domain examples/analogies can aid in that process. We will also try to identify future avenues for ABM research, including the "next" generation of ABM tools, platforms and application.

Go to the Swarm Development Group homepage for upcoming news on the location facilities, program and logistics and to get added to the mailing list.

I won't be able to go this year because of a schedule conflict with my teaching at ICPSR in Michigan, but I have gone each year for the past few years and it has always been an interesting collection of research and a supporting group of individuals for advancing modeling and showing appropriate applications.